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ACI Hyperview is an application that can be used to generate and view hypertexted text produced by the ACI Hypertext Project

We just released a new version of HyperView, which is available for download. For instructions on how to install it on Microsoft Windows, please go to the Microsoft Windows setup page. For instructions on how to install it on MacOS X, please go to the MacOS X setup page.

HyperView is written in Java and is being developed on MacOS X, but also runs on other operating systems that support Java and Swing. Currently only romanized Tibetan in the ACIP encoding is supported, but we intend to support display in the Tibetan Machine font as well, and also to support hypertexting of Unicode files as well as plain ASCII files.

HyperView currently supports Jim Valby's Tibetan dictionary as a resource for looking up Tibetan words. We will also be supporting the Rangjung Yeshe/Nitartha dictionary

HyperView is a SourceForge project, which means that if you want to check it out, you can, literally - the CVS repository in which it's stored is available. For details, see the SourceForge project web page . You can also cut to the chase and check it out with anonymous CVS if you want; instructions are on the project CVS web page .

Here is a screenshot of the work in progress:


HyperView has been kindly hosted by the nice people at SourceForge.net

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